Gold Coast Dental Services | Child-friendly Dentistry
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Child-friendly Dentistry

  • We believe that children should enjoy a comfortable and stress-free dental visit.
    Children should visit a dentist as early as 2 years of age to develop a positive approach with dental visits and to learn correct oral hygiene habits.
  • Their deciduous (baby) teeth are very important. Keeping healthy deciduous teeth with proper hygiene routines will allow the permanent teeth to erupt naturally. This will help minimise the risk of tooth decay.
  • Our practice prides itself to ensure your child receives a happy and positive dental experience. We aim to encourage and motivate your child in maintaining their teeth.
  • Our reception area is child-friendly with movies to entertain them and an Ipad to play games. After their appointment, the children leave with an Oral Hygiene gift. When making your appointments, ask about our special ‘Tooth Fairy Days’.

Have you Met our Tooth Fairy?

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