Gold Coast Dental Services | Root Canal Treatment
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Root Canal Treatment

  • Root Canal Treatment (also called Endodontic Treatment) is a procedure that specifically treats the nerve of a tooth.
  • When the pulp becomes damaged by decay, disease or injury, the pulp tissue dies and this may cause discomfort. The Dentist will remove the diseased pulp, file and clean the canals of the tooth, and seal the canals, placing a filling in the top of the tooth. This process will usually take 2 to 3 visits to complete.
  • If left untreated, your tooth may become infected and an abscess may form. This may eventually lead to calcification of the canals within the tooth making the treatment hard or not possible leading to loss of the tooth.
  • A Root Canal tooth often requires a Crown to restore the structure of the tooth and make it stronger. Our Health Professionals will advise you if this is necessary and guide you on the correct procedures to follow for successful results. With the correct care and maintenance this procedure can last a lifetime.

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