Gold Coast Dental Services | Teeth Whitening
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Teeth Whitening

Have you ever thought you would like a whiter, brighter smile? Our Teeth Whitening treatment may be your answer! Our Team can discuss which options would be most suitable for you.


1. In-Chair Whitening:

PolaOffice+ is known as the “World’s Fastest Bleach”.  PolaOffice+ is the In-Chair Whitening procedure taking approximately 30 minutes. It doesn’t require any light to be activated and has a build in desensitising agent. The unique hydrogen peroxide formula ensures fast release of peroxide ions to begin the bleaching process. This option is best for those wanting immediate results and you leave with a whiter, brighter smile instantly.


2. Take-Home Bleaching:

Home Whitening is an option for you to do in the convenience of your own environment. We make your custom made whitening trays specifically designed for you. Poladay or Polanight are our two options to use for the take home bleach.  Poladay is worn for an hour a day and Polanight is worn for a minimum 90 minutes and preferably overnight. This process takes approximately two weeks to complete.


For best results your Dentist recommends a professional Check and Clean to be done within 3 months prior to undergoing your Whitening Treatment. Once completed, our team will discuss with you the best way to maximise your whiter, brighter smile and keep you smiling for life.

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